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We render the following services to our clients:

Financial Statements / Accounts Audit / Review

Regular audit services are auditing the financial statements of entities in accordance with generally accepted audit standards to form an opinion on its fairness and representing the financial position of the entity as a whole and issuing an independent audit report reflecting the results of the audit. Accordingly the audit procedures are not designed to discover frauds, falsifications and burglary or any other violations although it may discover it in part or in full. We bring to our clients' attention any violation we discover in time. Explore more..

Income Tax and Zakat Services.

Update clients with income tax and zakat regulations changes.Assist clients in preparing income tax and zakat returns. Follow up with official tax and zakat authorities the issuance of clearance certificates. Assist clients in preparing responses to tax and zakat enquiries. Assist clients in preparing tax and zakat disputes memos to be           submitted to courts and disputes committees.Represent clients in front of tax and zakat appeals committees / courts. Explore more..

Financial And Managerial Consulting Services.

We provide our clients with wide range of financial and managerial consulting services. These include: Feasibility studies, Business plans, Capital restructurings,Organization and reorganization, Administrative and financial systems and procedures, Due diligence review, Business valuations, Private placement memorandums, Debt memorandums, Private offering of equity and debentures. Explore more..

Other Service Features

Establishing And Registering Entities Services

These include: Assist in selecting the entity's legal form,Obtaining official licenses required for establishing the entity, Drafting articles of association, Follow up the draft approval with the ministry, Registering the articles with the notary public,Obtaining the commercial registration. Explore more..

Liquidation Services.

These include: Assist in finalizing the pre-liquidation procedures, Assist in determining the assets and liabilities of the entity and preparing the financial statements as of the liquidation date, Liquidate the assets, Settle the liabilities in accordance with related law and regulations, Canceling the entity's official registration. Explore more..

Financial Disputes Services.

These include:Reviewing and reporting on financial disputes (including those transferred from legal authorities), Advising in financial disputes with other parties, Advising in labor disputes. Explore more..



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